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Strange Times

According to every meteorologist on every news station around, we are currently experiencing the second warmest February on record and that’s saying something as the records go back to 1887.  That’s the year my great-grandmother was born and only 52 after the Civil ended. With warm weather an itch begins.  That nagging itch to break… Continue reading Strange Times

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“Girls Waits With Gun”, by Amy Stewart

Allow me to introduce you to the sisters Kopp – Constance, Norma, and Fleurette. What makes them so special? Well, for one thing, these spirited ladies were real.  It’s a book of fiction, yes, but many of the characters are people who truly existed, but the story that swirls around them is somewhat fictionalized.  Ms… Continue reading “Girls Waits With Gun”, by Amy Stewart

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An obsession with journals

There are many types of obsessions – some good, some not so good. Mine is with journals.  I love to find journals to keep notes, thoughts, ideas, plans in some semblance of organization. Journals for personal use or professional use are a tremendous help to keep thoughts, plans & ideas pinned down so there’s never… Continue reading An obsession with journals

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Witchy Sour #2 in theMagic & Mixology Mystery series, by Gina LaManna

Witchy Sour by Gina LaManna My rating: 5 of 5 stars What fun! And this once mainstream young woman turned resident of a secret island witch has learned a lot but there’s far more yet to discover. Of course there is always chaos when others conspire to eliminate her from her inherited post as Mixologist.… Continue reading Witchy Sour #2 in theMagic & Mixology Mystery series, by Gina LaManna

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Black Pepper Plot

It’s a plot, a jinx, a bedeviling scent or something along those lines.  There’s no other reason why I can have so much trouble trying to make a small sized batch with such a wonderful, manly scent.  I just can’t figure it out! The above is a pic of the first batch.  Lovely you might… Continue reading Black Pepper Plot

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A Day of Ugly Ducklings

The phrase “The best laid plans” begins as a ominous warning to not let your guard down just because you think you’ve got this.  Life has a funny way to throwing those plans right out the window as quickly as the blink of an eye. Some plans are just better left on the work table… Continue reading A Day of Ugly Ducklings