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Literary Inspiration

Being a former employee of a library, former homeschooling mom of four for 9 years and the crafter of cupcakes and designs for my daughter’s baby shower for her then-pending delivery of daughter Kenzie, children’s classics are familiar territory and a wealth of artistic inspiration for many things in various channels of my current life.… Continue reading Literary Inspiration

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The Fifth Petal

The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry wrapped me in a warm blanket of mysticism, mystery, intrigue, history, jealousy, love and a thousand other feelings for about a week as I devoured the story of four young women that are descendants of four girls hung as witches in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts.  The story stand on a… Continue reading The Fifth Petal

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Snow, Molds, Micas, and more

We’ve had the weathermen doing a slow, painful dance around the forecasts all week while they try to figure out this cold front headed our way that carried the promise of snow into the southern states starting this weekend only to get to Friday and watch them begin the backstep. We’re now into Saturday night… Continue reading Snow, Molds, Micas, and more

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Getting back on the horse

Where do you go to find your mojo?  How do you get around writers’ block without pulling out all your hair?  What inspires you to step out of that creative desert and back into the refreshing shower of ideas? Do you go with a really good program on television, something smart and snappy, something “Catch”-y… Continue reading Getting back on the horse

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The troubles with labeling & branding

I know people who are able to snap out a product label without batting an eye, no problemo.  They can design in their sleep and are perfectly happy with the results for ages.  I am NOT one of those people.  I’ve fought for years over the looks in product labeling and even the product itself… Continue reading The troubles with labeling & branding

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Lemongrass Anyone?

Lemongrass Pre-Buy from Fragrance Laboratory One of my favorite suppliers is opening up a Pre-Buy for Lemongrass in case any of you readers need, use, love essential oils.  They offer it in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes and their quality is second to none.  I’ve worked with them for years and have always loved… Continue reading Lemongrass Anyone?

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Strange Times

According to every meteorologist on every news station around, we are currently experiencing the second warmest February on record and that’s saying something as the records go back to 1887.  That’s the year my great-grandmother was born and only 52 after the Civil ended. With warm weather an itch begins.  That nagging itch to break… Continue reading Strange Times