Getting started

I had no idea how hard doing a blog could be until I got started setting up this one and finding all the options available for a hosting site for the blog, the different templates – which to choose that I could stand to look at day after day, etc – how to lay it out, what to include.  It was daunting!  The hard part’s now over and so far, I like the pages appearance.  Key words there are ‘so far’.  We’ll see what the future holds.


The orders for supplies are now here, at least the starting supplies are here.  I’ve found some really fresh, spring like scents to get me into the upcoming spring season, so now it’s time to work on a couple of soap recipes that are in the developmental stages.  Since my dear hubby works with cotton a lot, I’m going to try out a recipe that I pulled together with the help of some soapmaking software, throw in  Clean Cotton scent and see what comes out.  I just need a full day of nothing but constant focus on that task.  Hmmmm, therein lies the problem.   Very little time to do such things since I work every day.  Weekend is looking better all the time.  Weekdays are filled with the other half of daily life, wall-to-wall, so they’re definitely out. Maybe one day soon there won’t be anything to do after work but come home, then I can come home and get creative even on a weekday.  Once January is done, that will probably be the best time to get things going in the soap making, lotion making, etc job.


Once this cottonseed oil recipe is run and tested, I’ll get a picture or two (if they look nice), and post along with the recipe I used and any additives.


Meanwhile, I have one order ready for a returning customer who requested Pink Grapefruit, Sandalwood, and something ‘foresty/woodsy,ferny’ -which turned out to be Bamboo Hemp.  Lucious green, fresh scent in a pretty Celtic Knotwork square bar with a light green tint added.  Very nice!  Now to get some pics of these before they leave here.  Soon!


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