Playing Mad Scientist, again.

She’s at it again!  She’s throwing things together and watching to see what happens.  Everybody keep back, keep your head down.  This could get ugly.   I’m trying out a recipe worked up with a soapmaking software program, using Cottonseed oil, Palm oil, and Coconut oil.  My D.H. works with cotton quite a bit, so we’re both curious to see what will result from my mad experimentations.

The FO will be, what else, Clean Cotton.  The FO was purchased from Nature’s Garden, a supplier I’ve recently come to trust and rely on for top quality FOs and sundries for soaping.    The software is SoapMaker 3.0.  It’s an invaluable tool for running the numbers for your oils/butters/fats amounts, then calculating for you how much lye and water you’ll need to make this soap formulation.  It really saves a lot of time and frustration.

I’m currently chilling down the water so I don’t have Vesuvius in my back porch,  Once it’s cool enough, in the lye will go.  A light touch of blue might be used, although with cotton, white is nice, too.

So, here’s the recipe in its original form:

7 oz.  Cottonseed Oil                                   – Gossypium Seed Oil

4 oz.  Coconut Oil                                         – Cocos Nucifera Oil

3 oz. Palm Oil                                                –  Elaeis Guineensis Oil

4.91 oz. water                                                –  aqua

1.96 oz lye                                                      –  sodium hydroxide

.44 oz. Clean Cotton FO

The program calculates for a 7% lye discount so all the lye will be taken up in the oils with a bit of the oils left for a slightly superfatted soap as a result.    These amounts are by weight as always.  Never by volume.  Based on a 7.0 scale this should give me a nice hard bar with stable, fluffy lather and good moisturizing qualities.  This will be done as HP soap, making a very small batch for this experimental run.  If it turns out well, it can always be scaled up.  It could be done as a CP soap, but I wanted to be able to get it out of the mold and able to test it asap.  A new supply of pH strips is coming this week to be sure of the usability of the soap.  So,  off I go.  More later…..



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