Cottonseed Oil Soaps update

Cottonseed Oil soap as of today

These little creamy-coloured beauties are curing a bit since they’re still a bit soft, despite using the hot process method for their production.  They smell fabulous though, making the entire back half of the house smell like Clean Cotton (aka Febreeze, according to my dear hubby).  Washing out the little Gladware tubs I use as soap molds was a wonderful aromatherapy session.  It smelled sort of like ironing day for a moment.

Those little inexpensive plastic storage containers are invaluable for this use!  They last for quite a few batches, but if one ever meets an early demise, it’s not huge loss and it’s just that one piece, not the entire 25 dollar mold!  I didn’t grease or oil them with anything to prevent sticking.  Just poured in the soap and let it set up until it was firm enough to push out, which was actually only around 2-3 hours.  According to most information, the oils used should make for a hard bar, but I guess that’s after it’s fully cured or was cooked longer than I cooked it.  I poured at the light trace stage.  It probably could have/should have gone longer, but that’s ok.  Soap can be a bit forgiving in this stage.  I’ll get the testing material tomorrow or the next day and I’ll test it then to see if it’s safe to try in a hand washing.    No hurry as it still needs to cure a bit more anyway.  I don’t want it to wash down the drain too quickly.



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