Smack upside my head

Remind me to never, ever again have my orders shipped to work.  When they arrive, they usually arrive at the wrong spot rather than my office, even though the UPS guy is there every single day!  Explain to me why my stuff goes someplace else while work’s goes directly to them!  I have to wait for it all to get sorted out then pass it around from department to department.  I still haven’t laid eyes or hands on the order than allegedly arrive yesterday morning bright and early.  So, where did it end up?  Maybe today will be my lucky day.  One can only hope.  This order includes the pH testing equipment to check newly made or cured soaps for lye presence.  I still haven’t been able to test my Cottonseed bars because they testing supplies haven’t gotten through to me!  Grrrr! So, you wonder why I have things sent there instead of home…I worry about packages arriving while I’m at work and they’ll be stolen from my porch.  I live in the city, so stuff just sits on my porch if it arrives in the morning.  It’s never a consistent arrival time either.   But I guess I’ll have to risk it and have things sent there anyway so they’ll show up when they say they have. (Unless of course they grow feet and walk away)  Just smack me upside my head if I ever get the crazy notion to have it sent to work, ever again.   I give you permission.

Last night was a bit productive and I had an ‘Aha!’ moment when a friend suggested I get a Facebook page for my business.  So, without waiting another second, I set it up.  I’ve uploaded a crop of pictures of the soaps I currently have, but will also load up everything else that isn’t soaps too, to make it a full roster of goodies.  The nightgowns will come in sometime very soon, though I’m not sure when as life goes on here at home and other things require my attention.   I really need to get going on getting in the supplies for the shampoos and conditioners, plus make a batch of lip balm to have ready for sending and photographing.  There are two expectant mothers that I really want to get gift baskets to, but haven’t had the time to pull them together.  Soon.  Very soon.  One ‘girl’ basket and one ‘boy’ basket.


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