The newest scents are in and they are fabulous!

These are just the first three of six that were ordered and every single one so far is a little bit of heaven.  I definitely have my own favorites already among these, one of them being Torrential Rains with its crisp, clean, green scent.  Beach Bum is a bit more floral than beachy, and a bit deeper than Torrential RainsPatchouli is a classic and this one is all Patchouli, no blend here!  I really love each of these new choices, though admittedly one more than the rest, but still they all are great additions to an ever-growing collection of fragrance oils.

The next step now that the fragrance oils have reached a level of supply and diversity that I’m comfortable with, is to add on some new molds and pick out some colours.  I have no idea how to choose from the colours that are out there.  There’s too many to choose from without feeling like smacking yourself and asking ‘Why didn’t I get ____?”  I’ve seen quite a few molds of bars that I know I’ll add in first, with pretty floral and Celtic designs to keep things interesting at least for a little while.

So here’s the first few.  With any luck at all, maybe there’ll be time tomorrow to add a few bars with some of the other scents I have tried in any of the bases yet  like Baby Clean, The Perfect Man, White Peach & Silk Blossoms,  White Tea & Ginger and Deb’s Flower Shoppe.  Baby Clean was a bit of a surprise when I finally was able to smell it.  Not like the baby lotions, shampoos, bathing liquids you smell in stores.  This is a far more sophisticated scent than that, though there is that slight underlying hint of lavender to sooth little ones off to sleep after bath time.  This one’s nice enough for even the grownups!  The Perfect Man is an amazingly sexy fragrance with hints of pepper and the earthy tones of bergamot to draw you in and you’ll easily get lost in its complexity.  Many elements contribute to the layers in this one.  It’s certain to be a hit with the women out there who’d all love to catch their guys wearing this one.  It’s aptly named!  White Tea & Ginger is a sweet gingery fragrance that would be very nice in a body lotion.  White Peach & Silk Blossoms has just a touch of peach, not the syrupy juicy type of peach either, plus a bold stroke of floral, namely mimosa. Very nice.  What a wonderful shampoo this one would make!

So, there’s the list for today and hopefully there’ll be more to follow on Friday.


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