Yikes! Watery shampoo!

Shampoo was bottled up this evening making the whole room smell fabulous, so I blissed while I worked.  (Did I mention that this work is perpetual aromatherapy and I love it?)  The shampoo was fragranced with Grapefruit Ruby Red from Natures Garden and Candles  then set aside while I went to fix supper for my dear hubby who’s feeling puny today.  Head colds should be illegal or at least build immunities so we’d never get one again after the first one.  I digress.  So I totter back into the work room, go back to look at the shampoo in its pretty labeled bottle, tilt it a bit on its side and it’s like water!  Pearly translucent, grapefruity water!  Agh!!!!!   I go to the web site for some help and sure enough it states right on the page for the FO used that it can cause thinning in shampoos and body washes.  So, here’s my chance to try out something else that was recently purchased.  Xanthum Gum.  It’s touted as a natural thickener, so after seeing the watery shampoo gurgling around in that bottle, I’m willing to give it a shot.  1/2 tsp in 1/4 c. of liquid doesn’t seem like much but it worked miracles.  The thickness is back to pre-FO addition levels.  Yay!  What a scare!

That should be put directly on bottles of citrusy FOs.  This product may cause thinning of hair care and body wash products as well as seizing in cp or hp soaps.  Why don’t they put that on the bottles of FOs that do that so we could avoid the heart attack we nearly have when our goodies turn into a watery mess?  Yes, it still smells nice, but that’s just part of the attraction!  It’s got to perform well too.

I should try this shampoo sometime.  Add a bit of peach to it and see how well it works.  Peach has become my signature scent since William fell in love with it.  Sometimes I get tired of it and wear something else – mainly when he’s out of town – because it can get a bit old after a while, but I always go back to the peach.  I like variety in fragrances, but peach is the mainstay.  Others around my workplace like it, too apparently because folks are always saying “What’s that wonderful smell?  Kinda fruity!”  Guess I’ll try that out tonight and if it thins I’ll be prepared with thickener.  Here goes nothin’!


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