Mad photog skills…..not

Those quirky little clear soaps with a tiny red heart embedded within and all scented with what else - Rose Garden. Just like a big red rose in full bloom! The Celtic Knot is also a clear soap base scented with Green Aloe & Clover and brushed with the pearlizer for a pretty silvery shimmer. The far right is a Hot Process Olive Oil soap batch with English Rose Garden superfatted soap hearts. These are all about 4.2 oz bars.
The Conch shell and Nautilus Shell molds were used with a standard coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil & lard soap recipe, then after curing was done, lightly brushed with a pearlizing dust to make them shimmer silvery white in the sunlight. The scent used is a discontinued one from WholesaleSuppliesPlus that I loved – Beachcomber. I was devastated when it disappeared from their selections list.
This is a shot of the back stock I have from Ghosts of Batches Past. They include Rosemary-Mint, Asian Plum, Lavender Breeze, Peach Jubilee and Clean Cotton all in a standard 4.2 - 4.95 oz. bar. All are also superfatted for skin moisturizing qualities not found in store bought deoderant bars.

Today, I tried a practice shot or three with scene props, lighting, and perspective changes for the soaps, lotion and got three fairly decent pictures as a result.  With any luck at all, my products will look more presentable and will be pretty enough to find a new home.

I also did a second try at getting the shampoo to take the pink grapefruit fragrance and not turn into water.  I used a thickener and kept the amount lighter than yesterday’s effort, which resulted in grapefruit scented tapioca.  Urg!  I heated up the base first, separated out a portion to be thickened, added the fo to the bottle, added the unscented tepid base to the thickened portion of base and combined thoroughly, then poured it all into the bottle with the fo.  This been stirs and shaken up a bit to blend it all together.  So far, it hasn’t turned runny again.  Fingers crossed…’ll be nice and shampooey thick tomorrow.

Poke me with a fork, I’m done for the day.


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