Beach Breezes, Torrential Rain, and Patchouli, oh my!


Sunday’s soapmaking adventures
Cottonseed oil recipe, modified
A modified version of the Cottonseed oil soap and my newest favorite scent Torrential Rain. This is one of those fragrances than makes you go "ooooh! " quickly followed by a low moan.
Patchouli in modified cottonseed oil soap recipe


Hot Process Cottonseed Oil Soap Bars
Nautilus Shell soaps with the original Cottonseed oil recipe. There are also 3 Celtic Knot soaps (notpictured yet) of the same batch.

What a day!  Three batches with three new scents!  The soap recipe was the same, well, more or less, with slight modifications in a couple of them, but only for the better.  I’ve fallen hard in love with that Cottonseed Oil recipe and made a batch of soap with the Beach Breezes  fragrance oil using the original form of the recipe which has just three oils – Cottonseed, Palm Kernal, and Coconut. The other two were with a modified version with aditional oils of olive, castor and switching out the palm kernal for palm.  I also used some of the new FUN colors for use with a 1 oz dollop of glycerin to distribute.  The Torrential Rain had a swirl of Ultramarine Blue, the Patchouli had a swirl of the Oxide Red, and the Beach Breezes had a complete tinting with a small amount of the Teal.  I think I’ve found the replacement for Beachcomber in Torrential Rain.  It simply sends me into blissful olfactory orbit when I get within noseshot of it.  Wow!

Tomorrow will be another day of production both soaping and culinary .  If there’s any steam left in me after soaping a batch of a new first – Castille soap with Clean Baby fragrance oil (also new), I’ll run up a batch of peanut butter cookies for the dear hubby.

The way to his heart is through goodies.  Lots and lots of goodies!  I’ve found one for me too, thank to my sweet daughter.  One-Pan chocolate chip cookie!  My kind of recipe – just one pan!  It’s nothing like the technique dear hubby employs, one I’ve dubbed the EPIC method of cooking.  E.P.I.C. to be precise.  Every Pot In Cabinet.  The kitchen is eligible for Federal distaster relief, but I’m too embarrassed to ask for it because I don’t want anyone to see the chaos.  But he is an adventruous cook and a good one, so I can’t complain.  He’s fun and I love him, so it’s worth it to let him just run riot every now and then.

For now, it’s dinner time for us, then a night’s good reading before tucking off to bed to go to work in my day-job.  Which I love, by the way, but it sometimes interferes with my other job – soaping!   Night all!


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