Lost weekend at the computer

It’s easier now to sympathize with policemen and doctors who complain about the amount of time they have to spend each day doing ‘paperwork’ after the weekend I’ve spent at my computer doing graphics design of the labels on some new products added into the NN line.  I should probably call it my Lost Weekend since that’s all I really remember from it.  But there is an upside – nicely printed newly labeled productsLotion Bar, Baby Balm, Body Wash, Foot Balm, and Lip Balm!

These labels are done courtesy of time spent perusing a site called The Graphics Fairy.  Loads of beautiful antique calligraphic art, pen flourishes, and art ephemera is constantly being uploaded to this site every day, so you’re bound to find something you like if you take the time to really look for it.  There is a search box in case you want to narrow your focus to one thing at a time.  This web site and the second she has are –




I’ve saved a couple of backgrounds to try to use in other places  because they were just too beautiful to pass up!

The products that I lost the weekend for are Lotion Bar, pictured is Peach scent, Body Wash in the bottle with the silver flip top cap (unscented so far), Baby Balm in Baby Clean scent on the left in the flat white jar,  Happy Feet foot balm for sore feet with white camphor & eucalyptus in the flat white jar on the right, and lip balm in Margarita and in Peach flavors in the twist up tubes on the left.  Ta Da!  Very pleased with the outcome of my Lost Weekend.


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