Pretty in Pink


A second batch of patchouli cottonseed oil soap was made on Thursday and this is what popped out on Friday afternoon.  So far this is the only one out of the mold, but you can tell this one was still a bit soft because of the finger poke at the top.  I was sniffing it to see how well the FO held up in the soaping process, it slipped a bit in my hand, so I grabbed for it and my finger sank in at the top a little bit.  Oh well.  It’s not done if it doesn’t spring back, right?

The FO held up very well  despite pokes and slips.  It’s a pretty shade of pinkish-coral.  I  used the Mica from WSP in Coral for this one and just puffed it directly into the soap until it reached a color I liked.  I wondered if it would morph if I did it that way, but so far, it’s held  steady at this shade.  It deepened a bit once it got out of the mold and hardened up slightly.  We’ll see what a couple of weeks will do.

The next one I plan on doing is a spa bar, or as some folks call it, a salt bar.  I bought some snack-sized, round plastic storage containers for this batch because being a salt bar, it will harden very quickly and will crumble if you try doing a loaf and cutting it.  So to avoid that possibility, I’m making them individually in small ‘molds’.  They’re only a couple of inches across at the top and slightly less at the base, so they’ll be small, but good proportions for a soap bar.

I’ve been reading a lot recently on how wonderful a salt bar feels once it’s cured enough to use, which is typically about 2 months minimum, 6 months is ideal.  Not sure if I can wait that long to try it.  I couldn’t hold out with the castile!  Used it in a shower last night and my skin felt satiny smooth!   Fabulous!  The lather in a salt bar is supposedly very lotion-like as some have described it, so we’ll see when it’s ready if that’s an accurate description.


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