Salt bars with a twist

Finally!  The first attempt at a salt bar is in the books.  And it’s been an experience, let me tell you!  These started out a beautiful shimmery mica cobalt blue when it was just the oils in the pot.  Well, that was then and three colors later, it’s seemed to settled at purple.  wonderful …..     :/

I added the lye and this mixture turned gray,  Well, that was bad enough, but then it turned pink, then a fuchsia, then purple.  *sigh*  The mighty morphing salt bars are now cooling.  They smell fabulous, like the FO’s description says – like Beach fragrance.  But when you look at them your mind tells you think grape.  Then you get a snoot full and it’s Beachy keen.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  I should’ve downloaded the information sheet first on the FO before using it.  I didn’t have this one printed out ahead of time and the stuff was already cooking, so I took a chance that all would be well.  wrong-o.  So, I’ll get that data sheet now and have it for the next batch, but you can bet your sweet bippy it isn’t going to be used in a salt bar again unless I leave out colors altogether.

On the plus side, now I know how to achieve a killer purple.  That is, if I ever want one.


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