Lemongrass Kiwi & Cassis Soap Bars

I made a hot process batch of soap with the cottonseed oil recipe and used a new FO from Natures Garden and Candles called Lemongrass Kiwi & Cassis.  This Smells fabulous!  Green with a touch of citrus, light, and just enough body to it to appeal to the guys as well, which they did unanimously in my family!  They all loooooved the way this soap smelled in its original form. But they were kind of shallow for soap bars, so I decided to chunk these into a clear base and see how they’d turn out.  That went well so then I tried a white base.  Both are as pictured.  I was a very happy camper with how they looked and still smelled great!  The white ones smell a bit fainter than the clear ones because I forgot to add the FO to the base after it was melted and ready to pour.  There are still some of the original bars left that have yet to find their destiny, but something will pop into my head soon about what to do with them.

The embeds were done today using two different bases – a yogurt base, also from NG and a clear base bought elsewhere.  There were chunks as well as curls in each batch.  I made about a pound of each type, then cut it this afternoon and I love how they turned out.  I’ve been trying to branch out and get some colour, excitement and uniqueness to the things made and this is a fun first step in that direction.  I added a bit of additional FO to the clear base but not to the white yogurt base.  There’s enough of the scent in each one that it’s a clear easy stroll down a very fragrant path with these.


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