Knocked out three new things at once



This soap, my favorite recipe, the cottonseed oil one, was made again but using aloe juice in place of the water.  New thing #1.  This will make it good for your skin and soothing for burns like suntanning too long, falling asleep on the beach towel, snoozing poolside, etc.

The fragrance was a new one, Bamboo & White Grapefruit.  It makes me think grassy when I smell, it but it’s a very clean, fresh, crisp kind of summery scent.  Perfect for this recipe. 

The second new thing was doing a CP soap and using two colors (which should have been rethunk in all honesty) for a swirl.  Next time I’ll use two that’ll stay true and show up better.  This time I tried the mica in green, which quickly morphed into mauve due to the pH in the soap at present.  I doubt it’ll change as the pH lowers over time, but with soapmaking, life’s an adventure, so who knows really.  The other color was yellow, which really didn’t show up very well, so I won’t use that one again in a CP soap.  It’s too subtle to be seen and could be misinterpreted as bad spots in the soap.

The next new thing was the top.  I piped on little stars and curlicues on the top after letting the soap thicken up a bit.  That was fun, so it will be repeated the next time I do a CP soap in this wonderful little 1 lb loaf mold!  Messy, but fun!  Then a bit of a dusting of pearly white mica was dusted across the peaks of the top to make it shimmer, which doesn’t very come across in pictures unfortunately, but it’s there.   

I learned several things with this one – first don’t use yellow.  At all.  Period.  Second, use that dowel more and swirl it more after all the colours have been poured into the base.  Third – don’t use the green or blue mica in CP soap.  They morph to ridiculous colours that are unsuited to the fragrance you’re using more often than not. 


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