Another look at the CP soap with the piped top

It’s been cut and is curing, so now it’s a waiting game.  *sits and whistles, twiddling thumbs*  I’m not patient when this part comes along.  I’m always anxious to try out a bar and see what it feels like, how it lathers, how the fragrance holds up in use.  But with CP waiting is necessary in order to prevent anything undesirable happening.  The green changed to mauve thanks to the high pH of the CP soap, but the piped top held up very nice!  The swirls are awful.  Not swirly enough, so that’s something that needs more work.  But it smells really fresh, green & clean.  The FO, Bamboo & White Grapefruit, held up very well in the heat of the soap, no acceleration, so it’s a keeper.  It would be a good choice for body spritzes and lotion.

All in all, this soap wasn’t a total loss since the scent and piped tops held up so nicely.  There’s even pearly glitter on them to make them even prettier. But I definitely need a few more lessons in swirling!


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