Making a specialty bar

Today’s project is making  a specialty bar for acne-prone skin.  The recipe is  below:

13 oz. Grapeseed Oil

8 oz.  Coconut Oil

6 oz. Cottonseed Oil

3 oz.  Lemon Butter Blend (

2 oz. Castor Oil

3 Tblsp. Bentonite clay

1 oz. Tea Tree Oil

10.5 oz. Aloe Juice

4.2 oz. NaOH

These figures were run through SoapMaker software program for a 7% lye discount for superfatting to prevent a lye-heavy bar as well as allow for moisturizing skin after washing without feeling greasy.

If I wasn’t planning on using Aloe juice with the NaOH, I’d have added borax to the water after the NaOH dissolved, but I’m trying this method first.  The juice has been chilling in the fridge for several days, (since being opened for a previous batch) to avoid the volcano effect.

The oils and butter were melted together in a crock pot except for the Tea Tree Oil, which I’m saving for after the cook.  This way I hope to preserve most if not all of the beneficial properties of the Tea Tree oil in the finished soap.  I’m doing a hot process in order to be able to test it sooner and then try another recipe with more butters that are specific to aiding in skin care and healing.  The clay will be added near the end of the cook just prior to placing the soap into a mold.

Since it’s a hot process, I’m going to use the loaf silicone mold, then slice it up once it’s firmed up enough to remove from the mold.  No fragrance is being added to this batch.  The only scent in it is from the lemon butter, which smells like fresh lemons – yum!, and the tea tree oil’s scent.  Hope these two play well together!  Pic will follow once it’s out of the mold.


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