The Lemon Bars today

After rinsing them off a bit they look smooth, even toned, and still have that delicate light undefinable scent to them I liked originally.  The recipe was modified a bit so here’s the one I used for these:

6 oz coconut oil (76°)

1 oz chamomile butter

1 oz apricot kernel oil

2 oz lard

1 oz. castor

3 oz cottonseed oil

1.5 oz. lemon butter

3.5 oz. olive oil

2.6 oz lye

6.6 oz water

0.80 sodium lactate

2 tsp. bentonite clay

The SL was added after this was cooked (I like Hot Process for soaps I’m in a bit of a hurry to have ready).

The Clay was added in before the soap started its cook  and stirred well, though you can add it to your oils before adding in the lye solution if you want to be sure it’s thoroughly distributed.

I added no additional scent though it held its lemon scent for quite while during the cooking stage, but it’s very faint now.  I also omitted any color.  This can be changed if you prefer, but I left them out at the users request as he felt it might irritate his skin if there were added.


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