With a Purple Passion

Today’s little gem is done in purple and I was torn as to whether to leave it as it was originally or to put the corners into pigtails.  Once I did them, I liked it better that way.  You decide.  With pigtails (on the left) or not (on the right)?  Either way, this was another fun journey!  $25 for this little  cutie.


Urban Camo

Today’s little beauty is the Urban Camo in pink (the whit N is just our logo in the pic, not on the purse itself)  An oversized white button and Pink loop closure on top with drawstring 1/8″ pink double faced satin ribbon ties at each end and even camo straps!  How fun is that!



Violets are Blue Bag

The first one made today was the Violets are Blue bag, again with the tucks on the outside like the previous ones were done.  Purple grosgrain ribbon topped with a contrasting green centered creates a pretty, yet sturdy set of straps while the tiny ribbons on each end tie up the ends for privacy of your personal items within.  Little purple and blue flowers with light green leaves cover the central face of this very pretty, feminine bandana, making it ideal for spring and summer  even if it’s that season only in your mind.  Close ups are given of the closures and the ties at the ends to let you see the details.  This bag is $25 and as with the Pretty in Pink bag, it can be filled with the same sizes of bottles and bars, just check the scents page for the scents you’d like to include in your customized Spa Bag.  After it’s emptied, it can be used as a purse!

Pretty in Pink

The latest bag done today – called Pretty in Pink, for obvious reasons.  It’s made a bit differently.  This time the tucks at the corners are on the inside, the flaps they create are rolled over the top and the ribbon straps are sewn down on top of them securely with zigzag stitching.  A pretty pink button is the closure with a skinny 1/8″ pink double faced satin ribbon loop.  Pink ties on each end gather it up snug for privacy.

This bag is $25 as a purse.  As a Pamper Me Spa Bag, they are about $70 depending on the items included.  The bath and body products of your choice can be added but no more than 6  Boston round 8 oz. bottles will fit inside this bag. Only 4 16 oz Boston rounds will fit.  Please keep that in mind when ordering the Spa bags.  Two or four bars of soap will fit inside in addition to the bottles plus a lotion bar, body butter, and a lip balm in the tube applicator. Check my Scents page for the scents and flavors available.

Pretty please, with a cherry on top!

Here’s the latest purse, done with two black bandanas covered with sweet shiney, red heart-shaped cherries.  I made the straps longer on this one so the purse could be worn across the body.  The straps slip through buttonhole openings near the top of the purse then are sewn down.  The ends are tied to form a narrow shape on each end with 1/8″ skinny red double sided satin ribbon.  This one closes with a metal filigree heart charm with a rhinestone accent that slips through a skinny ribbon loop.  All of these will run about $25.  For those that are filled with bath & body goodies, depending on what’s inside, they’ll run about $70 not including shipping.  Once the bath and body goodies are out of their decorative little tote, there’s the purse to continue to use long after the good smellies are all gone.  Of course, refills are certainly welcome and available!

The Blue-to-Yellow purse

This purse is all mine!  It’s two variegated bandanas with opposite ends swapped so that the inside is the lighter color against the darker color from the outside.  Lots of stabilizer in the bottom to keep it sturdy, a huge (1/2″) snap to close it at the top, little 1/8″ emerald green ribbons gather it in a bow at each end, and lime green grosgrain ribbon for straps, double layered for strength.  I saw this color variation in the bandanas and had to have this one for myself, though I won’t mind doing another one like it if someone wants one in this color.

There’s also a pink camo patterned set for those who like camo with a slight twist.  As they’re each  made I’ll put up pictures of each one and if anything increases the cost of production that will be noted at the time.

Based on cost of goods and time spent making it, these will sell for $25 each, not including shipping where necessary.  Special orders are welcome, just email me with your specific needs and we’ll work on it.

“The Witness” – in a word, FABULOUS!

The WitnessThe Witness by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my , did I ever enjoy reading this one. Absolutely COULD NOT put it down. Stayed up til midnight last night reading it (very near the end, too)and was reluctant to go to sleep even then. I was dying to find out how this one turned out. I loved how this one actually had the female main character as strong, or maybe even a bit stronger than the male main character. What a refreshing change of pace for this genre! Loved, loved, loved it!

Abigail has something to hide and it could cost her big time to get involved with anyone or even go out shopping for groceries in public, so she lives her life quietly making a very nice income working from her home using her sizable skills and intelligence to live in such a style as she’s become accustomed. Then the Chief of Police, Brookes has other ideas. this mysterious woman, a rather pretty one at that, is such a puzzle he’s bound and determined to solve if he’s got anything to say about it. Abigail is nervous about having so much attention and determined to have nothing to do with it. Still the Chief of Police has his own ideas and sets to solve the Mystery of Abigail Lowery once and for all, hoping that he’ll finally have some answers to the questions of why she’s hiding, who she’s so afraid of, what happened to cause such fear.

I have a few favorites by Nora Roberts, mainly the 3 Sisters trilogy topping that very short list, but this one will definitely be on that list now. If you’re a Nora Roberts fan, you won’t be disappointed by this one!

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