Summer Reading Gift Prizes

This is the latest goodie bag, the Pamper Me Spa Bag, filled with lots of Bath & Body goodies.  Inside are three full sized bars of soap, one M&P Clear Base Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis Bar with hp lemongrass soap embeds, a bar of hp Castile Soap in Clean Baby fragrance, and a cp Cottonseed Oil bar of Cool Water soap, 1 4 oz. bottle of hand & body lotion, 1 4 oz. bottle of Deep Conditioning Shampoo, 1 4 oz. bottle of Body Wash, and 1 4 oz bottle of Deep Conditioner for the hair all in Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis fragrance.  It’s a fabulous way to scent up the shower for summer!

This is a prize in a Summer Reading program for the library my son & I work for.  At his suggestion, I mentioned it to the librarian overseeing the Adults summer reading program and she loved the idea of a goodie bag, so this is what I’m pulling together for one of the prizes to be offered when the drawings begin.  It will also have my card in there as well.  Who knows maybe it will generate a few new customers.  One can only hope!

Here’s the little bottles and bars of soap, all dressed up and prettified for the presentation.  The bars of soap are wrapped in a tulle strip, tied into a bow and the tulle is opened out so it makes a rounded, angel-wing-like bow.  Very feminine and pretty!  The labels are slid beneath the tulle bow.

The labels pictures reflect the fragrance in the items.  Lemongrass is depicted on those scented with lemongrass,  There’s a blue-eyed baby on the bar of Clean Baby Castile Soap.  A foamy wave washing up on the shore is on the labels for the Cool Water soap.  I like for things to change a bit with each item yet keep the labels clean and open looking.

These bags are made with satin ribbons, jewel like items for closures, and two bandanas!  Such fun doing these, it’s beyond description!  They’re usually made up as they go along, trying to figure out how to shape them, close them, decorate them.  Lots of FUN!!!


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