The Blue-to-Yellow purse

This purse is all mine!  It’s two variegated bandanas with opposite ends swapped so that the inside is the lighter color against the darker color from the outside.  Lots of stabilizer in the bottom to keep it sturdy, a huge (1/2″) snap to close it at the top, little 1/8″ emerald green ribbons gather it in a bow at each end, and lime green grosgrain ribbon for straps, double layered for strength.  I saw this color variation in the bandanas and had to have this one for myself, though I won’t mind doing another one like it if someone wants one in this color.

There’s also a pink camo patterned set for those who like camo with a slight twist.  As they’re each  made I’ll put up pictures of each one and if anything increases the cost of production that will be noted at the time.

Based on cost of goods and time spent making it, these will sell for $25 each, not including shipping where necessary.  Special orders are welcome, just email me with your specific needs and we’ll work on it.


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