Pretty please, with a cherry on top!

Here’s the latest purse, done with two black bandanas covered with sweet shiney, red heart-shaped cherries.  I made the straps longer on this one so the purse could be worn across the body.  The straps slip through buttonhole openings near the top of the purse then are sewn down.  The ends are tied to form a narrow shape on each end with 1/8″ skinny red double sided satin ribbon.  This one closes with a metal filigree heart charm with a rhinestone accent that slips through a skinny ribbon loop.  All of these will run about $25.  For those that are filled with bath & body goodies, depending on what’s inside, they’ll run about $70 not including shipping.  Once the bath and body goodies are out of their decorative little tote, there’s the purse to continue to use long after the good smellies are all gone.  Of course, refills are certainly welcome and available!


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