Pretty in Pink

The latest bag done today – called Pretty in Pink, for obvious reasons.  It’s made a bit differently.  This time the tucks at the corners are on the inside, the flaps they create are rolled over the top and the ribbon straps are sewn down on top of them securely with zigzag stitching.  A pretty pink button is the closure with a skinny 1/8″ pink double faced satin ribbon loop.  Pink ties on each end gather it up snug for privacy.

This bag is $25 as a purse.  As a Pamper Me Spa Bag, they are about $70 depending on the items included.  The bath and body products of your choice can be added but no more than 6  Boston round 8 oz. bottles will fit inside this bag. Only 4 16 oz Boston rounds will fit.  Please keep that in mind when ordering the Spa bags.  Two or four bars of soap will fit inside in addition to the bottles plus a lotion bar, body butter, and a lip balm in the tube applicator. Check my Scents page for the scents and flavors available.


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