New formulation

After trying real plants in distilled water and preservative, only to have it turn brown and smell awful, I tried a carrier oil and four essential oils to create something to repel bugs while outside.  I think I might call it Bugs Me Not.  It smells rather nice actually and storage is in a 1 oz. dark sprayer bottle.  I haven’t yet added it into the product line, but it will be there soon.  It will be available in more than just the 1 oz size however.  I will most likely have it in 1,2 & 4 oz sizes.  Beyond those sizes, we’ll have to see if there’s enough demand for it in a larger size spray bottle.

The picture is a bit dark, but the other one was blurry and the light was fading, so I went with this one.  But it’s readable!   The testing department is still testing as we post, but the progress up to this point is good, so I’m hopeful that this one is a Go! for putting into the NN line of products.

This little bottle has no artificial colorants, fragrances or chemicals.  Just pure, natural grapeseed oil and 4 essential oils to keep nasties and no-see-ums from spoiling the day.  A note of caution though – there is no sunscreen in this product, so do not stay out in the direct sunlight too long!



Bittersweet treasures found

Neecy’s Necessities Facebook Business Page


While working at a task that leaves me quite sad every time I have to go out there and work on it, it still provided great gifts for my hubby, myself, and my fledgling business.  We’re working on getting some props from a place that’s very near and dear to me and some of them are priceless.  Among today’s treasures, I found a shaving mug and brush, dozens of antique hankies, a couple of skeleton keys and some pieces of china that will come in handy to use as props for the photographing of future soaping endeavors.

I’m getting very excited to start testing them out in pictures, but I guess that will have to wait until the weather cools enough for me to be able to soap again.  It’s been grotesquely hot for the past month, much to hot to work with hot soap!  I don’t want to run the risk of a volcano on my hands here, so I guess I can wait.  Good things come to those who wait, they say and I’m pretty good at waiting things out. So far anyway.

Perhaps in the meantime while it’s too hot to soap I’ll work on the engineering & construction phase of tote bags. More to come on that later.  Happy crafting, people! And don’t forget to check out the new web site –  There’s also the business web site in Facebook of the same name but prefaced with

Up & running

The web sites are up now.  They might not be perfect yet, so please bear with me.  If you find glitches, please let me know.  I need to know if pages load properly, if there are inconsistencies in the information, how to improve the layout etc.   If you have any suggestions at all, please feel free to let me know.  I appreciate all input as I’m a novice at online selling, setting up web sites and ecommerce! Even if these links don’t work, I need to know that too.  Thanks!

and a Facebook store….(through my Neecy’s Necessities page) at the following address:

Something old, this is nothing new

A few days ago the memory of a long forgotten quilt top popped into my head.  No rhyme or reason why it just suddenly popped in there, but there it was, floating around in my head whispering “Remember that pretty appliqued quilt top your grandmother gave to you?  Where is it?”  So once up for the day,  I went digging and finally found it in the basket of quilting projects set aside and forgotten for several years.

Old tops my great-grandmother had started with bit and pieces of fabric dating back into the thirties and forties, and on the other side of the family, the appliqued quilt top another grandmother gave me because it just wasn’t her cup of tea to do quilt tops (someone had given it to her as a gift thinking she’d like it since it was a floral design).  She gave it to me and asked that I show it to her once it was done, so after about a year of appliqueing all those swirly, curvy flower petals and arching stems onto the top, it was done.  I took it out to her, but by that time she’d forgotten she’d ever had the project let alone that she’d given it to me to finish.   She didn’t want it back, only that it be finished so she could see what it looked like.  I kept the bargain and she loved how pretty it looked with the gently swaying curve to the flowers, the spring-like splash of colors, and the suggestion of a scalloped border all along the edges of the top.

So, now it’s back out into the light of day, I showed it to all the sisters (don’t think I’ve mentioned that I have four of those, all older than me) and they are only anxious to see what it will look like when it’s quilted.  None have expressed a desire to have it once it is completed.  I guess it’s mine then.

Anyway,  I’ve included a picture of the top but it’s such a large one that the edges don’t show up in the picture, which is disappointing as they are just as pretty as the central motif.

This will be a winter months project to fill my days and nights while the hubby is traveling for work.   Since I won’t have my conversation partner around to keep me company.


Where’d she go?

It’s been a while since I’ve been in here to post anything new but it isn’t for lack of activity on this side of the screen.  It’s been a hurry up and wait type of week or two filing papers for getting the business started up and within the happy limits the government binds me.  I had no idea that there were other documents that would need to be filed as a resident of the county I now live in, but apparently there are, so it took a bit longer than expected, but the permit is completed and signed, a copy has been filed and the license is applied for, so once that comes in it’s off we go into the ether of the internet!

I’m still fretting over the method of payment being hitch free.  Nothing is perfect, we all know that from personal experience, but frequent glitches will be the ruin of a business.  So, I fret and worry but hopefully there will be some patient souls out there who’ll order from me, then let me know if there’s a problem without pulling their patronage immediately so the problem can be fixed as quickly as possible.  With any kind of luck at all, the problems will easily fall within the limits of my own skill set for resolution.    Yeah, right….   :/

With all the paperwork going on, the web site under construction, it seems like the geek has taken over, but not entirely.  There have been quiet moments over the past two weeks for mulling the engineering of how to construct a tote bag version of the bandana bags. That in addition or other items like body mists for fragrance purposes or for bug repelling purposes, and starting a small notebook for ideas on formulations of soaps an lotions once the cooler weather returns and soaping can resume.   I’m looking forward to getting my hands soapy again, let me tell you.  It’s been a while and the heat has taken a toll on a lot of things I’d wanted to include with my soaps this year, but hasn’t eliminated them from use now or in future.  I still have lemon verbena, basil, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, and geranium for use in the soaps, lotions, and mists I plan on making in the near future, so watch for these.  Some now only require a hefty purchase of vodka.  The things I do in the name of business expansion!

Web site is coming along!

I finally added the photos for the body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lip balm, foot balm, and baby balm to the web site’s Bath & Body Products page, along with the links for buying online.  Now I’m nervous about publishing!  What if the link to PayPal doesn’t work like it did in the test?  What if the customers don’t like my stuff? Think it’s all too boring, ordinary, nothing special?  What if nothing ever sells?

I’m one of those people who just about curls up and dies if everyone doesn’t like me or the things I make fail to get a glimpse at all.  I worry about what I did wrong, why they don’t like me, don’t like what I create.  What if they break out in hives, get a a rash, have an allergic reaction, don’t like the smell of something they’ve bought as they’re using it in the shower or on their hands after washing.  All kinds of scenarios run through my head and they have me in a rare state of panic before it’s all over with.  I have sleepless nights, can’t eat, scare my husband into thinking I’m sick, all sort of things, bad things, happen when I worry too much over things I cannot change.

I can’t change what people like, I can’t change who I am, who my hubby is, (wouldn’t want to either) can’t make people like me more, like my stuff enough to buy it.  That’s just not something I have the power to do.  What I CAN do is do the best job I can at everything I do.  Don’t let looking back at what’s done be my guide forward.  I’ll get nowhere that way.  I have to keep moving onward, trying something new, letting the creative side come out all the time and don’t let the what if’s hold me back.  If you look at something long enough one of two things usually happens.  either you A) love it because it was inspired creativity at its best and you worked hard to bring into being so keep going and do it again, or B) you hate it, but it was a stepping stone and lesson learned on what to change, what you learned that day, and never do it that way again.

That said, my web site’s is going to be  I’m about to publish it after Thursday and move forward.  Cross your fingers…><*wish*


The perfect answer to a rainy Wednesday – mojitos, but not what you might be thinking.  I’m still stone cold sober after this mojito.  Oh well. But the results were fun, playful even.  Just like me after the other kind of mojito some would argue.  I just love a really good mojito and this one’s great for even the most diligent teatotaler as there’s no booze whatsoever.  Just ribbons, buttons, and bandanas.  😀  Like the others, this one is $25.

Mojito colored bandannas with yellow & black shoulder straps, black with white polka dot button accents and a huge happy flower button to close it all up snug. $25