Peace, Love & Rock ‘n Roll

Today’s the 4th of July, I know, it’s a holiday, but when it’s a day off, you gotta take advantage of the opportunities when they come along, right?  So, I made this one today.  It seemed rather obvious what to call this purse since it’s covered in ‘graffiti’.  If you were expecting stars, spangles, flags, or red, white & blue, keep waiting for that because there’s plenty of that going around already without me contributing further to the glut of it.  I’d rather stand out from the crowd, march to the beat of another drummer.  And my drummer just happens to be in a rock ‘n roll band in this case.  (No, I’m not married to a drummer.  A jock if you must know.  I was the one in the band.)

This purse is turquoise, slate blue, dark blue and lime green, so the straps & the button of the closure at the top picked up the turquoise and the green, while the end ties picked up the slate blue and an adorable little turquoise charm with an antiqued seagull decorates the end.  The straps are turqoise grosgrain doubled ribbon with an overlay of lime green gingham checks, the end ties are double faced satin 1/8″ ribbon.

It could be argued that I’m obsessed with making these and I won’t dispute that, honestly I agree.  I go about other tasks like ironing my hubby’s shirts and slacks, weeding, watering the herb beds while mulling over options for what to do next, I mentally go through the stock of bandanas I have still unused and while working outside or inside, the names of these future purses are going through my head, some discarded, others grasped with greedy fingers with a gleeful smile and thinking “perfect, I LIKE IT”!    So now you know the process by which these little what nots are churned out.  The patterns that are cutest are picked out, others studiously ignored.  Only the ones that are deemed fit for creating something wholly new are worthy of being brought home to be given new life as a purse.  But I’m also quickly using up the local supply of sturdy stabilizer in so doing.  Oh well.  Hope the fabric stores can keep up.  🙂

Again, this purse is $25, not including shipping or tax (sales within NC -7%)


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