Web site is coming along!

I finally added the photos for the body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lip balm, foot balm, and baby balm to the web site’s Bath & Body Products page, along with the links for buying online.  Now I’m nervous about publishing!  What if the link to PayPal doesn’t work like it did in the test?  What if the customers don’t like my stuff? Think it’s all too boring, ordinary, nothing special?  What if nothing ever sells?

I’m one of those people who just about curls up and dies if everyone doesn’t like me or the things I make fail to get a glimpse at all.  I worry about what I did wrong, why they don’t like me, don’t like what I create.  What if they break out in hives, get a a rash, have an allergic reaction, don’t like the smell of something they’ve bought as they’re using it in the shower or on their hands after washing.  All kinds of scenarios run through my head and they have me in a rare state of panic before it’s all over with.  I have sleepless nights, can’t eat, scare my husband into thinking I’m sick, all sort of things, bad things, happen when I worry too much over things I cannot change.

I can’t change what people like, I can’t change who I am, who my hubby is, (wouldn’t want to either) can’t make people like me more, like my stuff enough to buy it.  That’s just not something I have the power to do.  What I CAN do is do the best job I can at everything I do.  Don’t let looking back at what’s done be my guide forward.  I’ll get nowhere that way.  I have to keep moving onward, trying something new, letting the creative side come out all the time and don’t let the what if’s hold me back.  If you look at something long enough one of two things usually happens.  either you A) love it because it was inspired creativity at its best and you worked hard to bring into being so keep going and do it again, or B) you hate it, but it was a stepping stone and lesson learned on what to change, what you learned that day, and never do it that way again.

That said, my web site’s is going to be NeecysNecessities.com.  I’m about to publish it after Thursday and move forward.  Cross your fingers…><*wish*


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