Something old, this is nothing new

A few days ago the memory of a long forgotten quilt top popped into my head.  No rhyme or reason why it just suddenly popped in there, but there it was, floating around in my head whispering “Remember that pretty appliqued quilt top your grandmother gave to you?  Where is it?”  So once up for the day,  I went digging and finally found it in the basket of quilting projects set aside and forgotten for several years.

Old tops my great-grandmother had started with bit and pieces of fabric dating back into the thirties and forties, and on the other side of the family, the appliqued quilt top another grandmother gave me because it just wasn’t her cup of tea to do quilt tops (someone had given it to her as a gift thinking she’d like it since it was a floral design).  She gave it to me and asked that I show it to her once it was done, so after about a year of appliqueing all those swirly, curvy flower petals and arching stems onto the top, it was done.  I took it out to her, but by that time she’d forgotten she’d ever had the project let alone that she’d given it to me to finish.   She didn’t want it back, only that it be finished so she could see what it looked like.  I kept the bargain and she loved how pretty it looked with the gently swaying curve to the flowers, the spring-like splash of colors, and the suggestion of a scalloped border all along the edges of the top.

So, now it’s back out into the light of day, I showed it to all the sisters (don’t think I’ve mentioned that I have four of those, all older than me) and they are only anxious to see what it will look like when it’s quilted.  None have expressed a desire to have it once it is completed.  I guess it’s mine then.

Anyway,  I’ve included a picture of the top but it’s such a large one that the edges don’t show up in the picture, which is disappointing as they are just as pretty as the central motif.

This will be a winter months project to fill my days and nights while the hubby is traveling for work.   Since I won’t have my conversation partner around to keep me company.



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