New formulation

After trying real plants in distilled water and preservative, only to have it turn brown and smell awful, I tried a carrier oil and four essential oils to create something to repel bugs while outside.  I think I might call it Bugs Me Not.  It smells rather nice actually and storage is in a 1 oz. dark sprayer bottle.  I haven’t yet added it into the product line, but it will be there soon.  It will be available in more than just the 1 oz size however.  I will most likely have it in 1,2 & 4 oz sizes.  Beyond those sizes, we’ll have to see if there’s enough demand for it in a larger size spray bottle.

The picture is a bit dark, but the other one was blurry and the light was fading, so I went with this one.  But it’s readable!   The testing department is still testing as we post, but the progress up to this point is good, so I’m hopeful that this one is a Go! for putting into the NN line of products.

This little bottle has no artificial colorants, fragrances or chemicals.  Just pure, natural grapeseed oil and 4 essential oils to keep nasties and no-see-ums from spoiling the day.  A note of caution though – there is no sunscreen in this product, so do not stay out in the direct sunlight too long!



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