Tote bags are here!

Dragonfly Tote Bag

Finally – found some time to design and put together a tote bag.    Finding the time to design the construction of it and put it together took a while, but finally it came down to just making the time to do it and get it done.  This was so much fun to create and hopefully everyone who buys one will like the feel, the design, the weight, the detailing of them.

It sits up on its own on a squared off bottom, sturdy triple stitched straps, doubled layering and a hot pink accent run through the zigzag stitching keep it lively and interesting, while the beading and silver dragonfly accent give it a sweet little splash of uniqueness so nobody else will have one exactly like this.

This one, The Dragonfly Tote Bag, is sturdily constructed with two black bandanas, and lined with mid-weight denim, wrapped around the strongest stabilizer available, stitched down closely to create strength and durability, with just the right mix of functionality and whimsy to suit anyone’s every possible mood and personality.

The Dragonfly Tote is $45, not including NC sales tax and shipping.  Tax for sales within NC is 7% ($3.15) and shipping for this item is $7.00.


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