The Chatelaine Purse

Two white with black paisley pattern bandannas, wide, white satin ribbon overlaid with a white satin with black filigree pattern, white button & loop closure, and antiqued finish key accent at the front and at each corner.  So cute, feminine, sturdy, lots of room, and since it’s white with black it will go with virtually anything and everything!  Best of every possible world!  This is a part of a set, though it can be sold separately.  There is also a tote bag from the same pattern of bandana.  I’ve also included close ups of the details like the front key under the closure button, the corner key accent and the little ties are also visible in this,  the  distance shot shows the pretty double layered straps of white and black & white satin.  This one turned out pretty good, though there are a couple of things I’d like to change if I do it again, but it’s doubtful that I’ll ever do any two exactly the same.  I like for things to be unique, no two of anything exactly the same

The latest purse, the Chatelaine. Black & White bandannas, double layered satin ribbon of wide white and narrower white with black filigree. Key accents.

The front detail of the largest key beneath the button & loop closure.the strap ribbons are also very visible here, too! Pretty!

.  It was certainly a great time to be getting crafty indoors since it was stormy outside, lot of rain gushing, wind whipping, flooding streets, lightning flashing, thunder booming going on, so indoor activities were much safer.

This one is $25, not including shipping or NC sales tax.

The corner detail with the tiny key accent and skinny ribbon ties shown