The Light & Shadow Totebag

This is the Light & Shadow Tote bag, also made this afternoon while the storms crashed around our rooftops.  Plenty roomy, sturdy, feminine, practical, so nothing more is needed.  Personally, if I was using this tote bag, I forget the purse and use just the tote bag!  Saves having to carry them both around, but of course why not have both!  I’d offer a discount of 10% off if both were purchased at the same time.  This tote bag is tied at the tops like the purses are, though not quite so snugly that they can’t be opened up if needed.  Sometimes it needs to be a bit snug at the top or a tote bag can be difficult to keep up on your shoulder.  If your hands are tied up with other things, like toddlers, stroller handles, other parcels, well, there aren’t enough hands to go around, so this makes it a bit easier to keep up on the shoulder.  The flip over closure isn’t a tight fitting closure since tote bags are typically kept closed up at all much less tightly.  This just gives a small amount of weight on the end of a ribbon tied on securely inside and out, that can be flipped over the top to pull the sides together slightly so things will stay inside and the straps will stay put on your shoulder.

White with black paisley print bandanas, black & white satin slightly Renaissance patterned ribbon straps, grosgrain accents, and a beaded flip over closure. $45

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