The Moonflowers

Every year we plant these and anxiously anticipate their appearance of huge showy snowdrift colored blooms, but this year’s cool temps into the latter part of spring and heavy rains made us later than usual in planting them, so they’re appearing alter than usual this year.  Finally they’re starting to show off in their typical exuberant fashion with big, beautiful white blooms in at least locations along deep green vines covered in heart shaped leaves.  They don’t have any scent that i can detect, which is a bit disappointing, but their bountiful faces more than make up for that!  This stunners are roughly the size of a dessert plate!  Fabulous, big white blooms that only open after dusk has fallen and their paleness nearly glows in the dark it’s so white! Every year we get an amazing show and once their done, we leave the pods on the vines until they dry to a brittle brown husk, harvest the seeds, save them, share them, and plant again the next spring.  This should be a b-i-g harvest year as these beauties are not only growing up the trellis on the porch like William originally did in the first year I was here (3 yrs ago), but now they trail all along small wire fencing (nearly pulling it to the ground with their weight in a couple of places!)that runs along the edge of our driveway down one side of the house.  The vines are more than halfway down the fencing now and bloom buds are showing up everywhere.  I love these flowers as much as he does now.  So pretty!

We’ve shared the seeds with a couple of my sisters and they’ve started enjoying these lovelies in the evening hours as well.   


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