Tea time!

Looks like a brewery has taken up residence here, but it isn’t beer, ale, or anything close.  These are four differently flavored teas, freshly brewed and now cooling before capping.  These are not destined for the tea cup alongside crumpets, angel food cake, or even a couple of chewy chocolate chip cookies.  No, nothing as tasty as that, for the taste buds at least.  These are going to be used in soaps. I’ve made soaps with tea before and they turned out yummy, but for showertime rather than the taste buds.

From left to right, in pairs of two bottles each flavor, we have Green Tea, White Tea with Peach and Mango, Chamomile, and Peppermint.  Still too hot from brewing up to be capped just yet, but they’re being closely watched and will be capped asap.  Can’t wait to get started on these.  The peach tea soap a couple of years ago turned out so well, with peach tea in place of the water, in addition to the peach fragrance added in at the end of the stir, but very little color, that the recipe was saved and will be used again with these as substitutes for the tea that was used in that one.  The only color in that soap batch came mainly from the tea, which was a brownish-amber colour and from the fragrance oil, which had a small amount of vanillin in it, which tends to darken soaps unless you use something to offset that.  I didn’t use that at the time, so they turned a lovely burnished peach colour.  I may use the modifier to prevent further browning depending on what I decide to to with the rest of the soap, colorwise. I now have several very nice colours I’d like to try out in these soaps that were touted as being stable in cp soaps so these might finally be used in a couple of these future batches.

Also, there is a plan to use aloe juice in at least one other soap that’s in the planning stages at this time.  Fall is just around the corner and so are the soapy days ahead.  Can’t wait!

L to R: Green(2), White with Mango & Peach(2), Chamomile(2) and Peppermint(2).

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