Green Tea & Cucumber, White Tea with Mango & Peach

Here’s today’s batches made with two of the teas brewed up yesterday and chilled in the fridge overnight.  The two loaves on the left are one batch, but made a bit shallow in two loaves rather than deep in one loaf like the one on the right.

On the left, Green Tea & Cucumber, made with the chilled brewed Green Tea (unsweetened), slightly superfatted, enriched with Vitamin E, and the lush lather that the oils will lend once its cured about 6 weeks.  There’s also a bit of a green swirl throughout each loaf and the tops are pearlized.  There are two shallow loaves of these so they’ll be cut thicker to give a 5 oz bar.

L – Green Tea & Cucumber, R – Juicy Peach Tea

On the right,  though it looks more pink than peach in the lighting of the room, but I’m hoping that in the bright light of earlier daytime hours the true color will shine a bit better.  There’s a swirl of peach within as well that will show up once it’s cut.  The scent is pure juicy, peach!  Mmmmm!  Like a sweet peachy parfait!  Made with a bit of superfatting from a bit of Mango Butter, enriched with Vitamin E, and plenty of lather is promised from the oils this recipe contains.

There’s one more tea waiting to be used and that will be done as soon as time allows early this week, maybe Monday if time allows.


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