The cut pics

I just realized I hadn’t posted the cut pics.  So here they are.  The Green Tea scented with Green Tea and Cucumber done in a white with green swirl.


and the White Tea with Mango & Peach, done with a light touch of coral color and scented with Peach fragrance oil.


They’re slightly superfatted in that I discounted the lye by about 8%.  But since they were made with all liquid oils, no butters, I used a bit of sodium lactate.  This caused a bit of a problem when it came time to put them into the mold as they started firming up a bit while I was still trying to ‘play’ a bit with the appearance, which caused a few small andone big bubble.  But the bubbles won’t effect the soap’s character, only its appearance.

I still haven’t made the chamomile tea soap yet because I haven’t found that perfect scent to use in it.  Until I’m happy with the scent choice, it won’t be made.  But I’ve found the blends recipes I’ve been looking for for about 2 1/2 days, so now I can put together a blend and make the scent blend chamomile either Wednesday or Thursday.  I bought a few other goodies to use on the soaps to prettify them, so there’s another new thing to try out when I get to the chamomile.



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