Chamomile Tea – August 31, 2012


Chamomile Tea soap is made with brewed, cooled and chilled chamomile tea, enriched with colloidal oatmeal, vitamin E, and coconut milk, tinted and swirled with yellow and green, then topped with tiny sugar seed pearls and a light sprinkle of sugar crystals.  The scents is a blend of EO’s I made up over a period of several days with sniffing sticks left to air dry and rest for a few days before making the decision on which one of the three made would finally go into this soap.  It took me a week of blending to come up with one that I  liked enough to add to this soap.  This one has notes of lemongrass, patchouli, rose, geranium, bergamot, lemon, lavender and clary sage.  Complex, yet light,  sweet, and clean smelling.  The soaping temps were kept on the cooler side to prevent burn off of the fragrance.  Well under 100°.  It will be probably be user-friendly around October 12th.  I will not be posting them into the web site or the Facebook biz page until then.  For now, I’ll just look forward to cutting them in a couple of days.  🙂

The other two EO blends are totally different scents, one is mainly rose, but has a bit of a powdery finish.  The third is all very floral and powdery.  They’ll be used in something else later on down the road, but for now, this one works very well in today’s soap batch.

It’s a complicated recipe to use in that the final amount is too much for one mold and not enough for the next higher size, so this one will be upscaled to make it into a two loaf batch.  I like the basic recipe over all as it exceeds all the benchmarks for firmness, fluffy lather, stable lather, and moisturizing, but it’s just not quite big enough, so it’s going to be upscaled to make two loaves or one bigger one.  This is a bit under two pounds and makes two loaves that are too short for my liking.

Cut pictures will be posted probably by Monday, Sept 3rd.  Have a great Friday, everybody!


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