Black Pearl Tea soap

Finally!  The teas were brewed up yesterday and chilled over night and used today in a soap.  This tea, from Celestial Seasonings is called Black Pearl, and originally, I’d envisioned something snowy white with a very black swirl from activated charcoal and topped with sugar pearls.  Then I found the Ultramarine Violet pigment from Bramble Berry in the cabinet that had yet to be used in any soaps and had to used it since the fragrance oil was called Blackened Amethyst.  It could’ve gone either way, really or even had two colours, but I wanted to keep the look a bit simple with just two colour, white and violet, so the soap turned out very nicely with the violet swirl, based on the outward appearances   No telling what it looks like inside and we won’t know until about Tuesday or Wednesday.  Anyone else had trouble waiting to remove their soaps from the molds and cutting ito them?  It kills me every time!

This one has almond oil, almond milk, coconut oil, coconut milk, olive oil, buttermilk powder, Vitamin E, colloidal oatmeal, Blackened Amethyst Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden and Candles and tweaked with a bit more lime EO and the addition of grapefruit EO.  The tops are sprinkled with silvery-white glitter and a scattering of snow-white sugar pearls recalling the Black Pearl name in the tea.  I used a bit of some sodium lactate to prevent over heating and cracking at least somewhat, though I didn’t spritz it with alcohol so I hope no ash appears, but it’s always a possibility, but doesn’t hurt anything if it does show up.  I used some titanium dioxide to try to lighten up the soap but it was still a bit creamy coloured even after that, and hopefully there aren’t any speckles.  That was a tough one to get past in the stick blending.  It didn’t want to cooperate when blending in the TD, but we’ll see what shows up in the cut.  There was no acceleration or ricing with this fragrance at all, just a reluctance to stay blended.  It seemed to want to separate out a bit more than others in the past.  With luck in the cut results, these will be ready at the end of October or early November.  They smell wonderful, not like heavy at all!

Amethyst & Pearls CP soap with colloidal oatmeal, Vitamin E, coconut milk & almond milk.

September 22, 2012

Two orders were placed yesterday for some rich, deep, evocative fragrances, light crisp wintery fragrances and thinking well ahead with a couple of light floral spring fragrances.  With these lovely scents wafting about, there’s got to be extra special goodies on tap for the content of the soaps themselves and those are getting some extras as well such as argan oil, Camu Camu fruit powder, Himalayan pink salt, lanolin, Red Moroccon Clay powder, and these will definitely be road tested with the new recipe for a 2- & 3-lb loaf of soap.

This recipe was recently revamped from one that I used a lot that had cottonseed oil (my hubby works in the industry) and I hoped to keep it for his sake, but it doesn’t lend a darn thing to the moisturizing aspect of the soap.  Unfortunately while it makes for a nice, hard bar of soap, it also can leave skin feeling a bit dry unless it’s superfatted with something really emollient rich.  So I removed the cottonseed oil altogether, went with a lighter version of olive oil so the soaps wouldn’t be so green, used sweet almond oil, and coconut oil, enriched it with coconut milk and added colloidal oatmeal for soothing and smoothing properties, slipped of bit of Vitamin E into the mix and sub aloe juice for the water in several versions as well as replacing the water with teas (unsweetened, of course) on occasion as well.  This makes dense, rich, smooth, abundant lather  that is stable and luxurious.

The orders from Natures Garden are always shipped out very quickly – THANK YOU NG!!!! – so they should be here within this week, so I’ll most likely be road testing these new goodies later this week adding in some new soaps for the this holiday season.  Below is a list of the fragrances ordered:

Christmas Cabin

Christmas Wreath


Queen of the Nile

Glacier Falls

Boston Tea Party

Awapuhi Seaberry

As I’m reading through this I’ve noticed an over sight!   Gasp!  So back to NG I go for a couple of other goodies to bling up the bars! And you know once these things start getting made, there will be pictures, so keep a watch for those  soon, too.


PS:  Make that Bramble Berry for some goodies to prettify the bars of the future – gold sparkle Mica, Opalescent Star Glitter, Fine Iridescent Glitter, and yet another goodie for the inside, powdered goat’s milk.  🙂

Plans are being made

A couple of wood soap molds were ordered yesterday, one in a 2 lb size, and the second in a 3 lb size, both with collapsible sides that are hinged to make it much easier to unmold your soaps. This is probably only exciting for soapers, seriously addicted soapers, as we peruse web sites, troll through blogs and forums in search of that next great soapy thing we’re hoping to be inspired by, spend hours glued to YouTube watching soap porn and get goose bumpy thinking about what new molds, supplies, little doodads we’ve got in our shopping carts for our next big project.

For now, mine is wooden molds. I’ve wanted one for ages, but never seemed to find exactly what I was looking for, but just recently found a place that has something along the lines of what I want and it’s not too expensive. Yay! Now I can play around with the swirls inside and on the tops of my soaps and have more room to play in both places! Now my wish list is less by two items. If only I could knock off a few others – like glitter, more fragrances or elements to make my own blends, more colours….  This is where I bought them.  They have more than just molds too!

Reading, Masking, and Exfoliating, Oh my!

I was perusing fellow bloggers pages, (yes, you may call it lurking, prowling, stalking, but I call it reading) and landed on one about skin care, hair care, and beauty treatments and it reminded me of this book I’d requested at the library where I work.  I’ve posted the title below with a link to for reading what it’s about and the option to purchase if you are so inclined.  It’s a wonderful book filled with scads (technical term) of recipes for beauty treatments for body and hair that use just ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen every day.  They are created with you, the individual in mind, in small amounts for an individual one-time use and in the quiet of your own home.  Simple, quick, easy, inexpensive and you won’t end up smelling like a salad!  It’s a win-win!Image


The Chamomile Tea cut shots

It turned out as hoped – with a well defined swirl and the colours contrasting against one another, no bleeding in between.  Yay!  It’s a bit sticky yet on the outside, so it’s going to need a nice l-o-n-g dry time.  It will be ready for posting onto the web site and FB biz page around October 12th.  I say ‘about’ since it’s sticky still, even after three days in the mold.  It’s mainly around the green colour, too….odd. But over time that will firm up and the entire bar will soon be a nice, hard bar with lots of smooth, creamy lather and great moisturizing qualities.

The Chamomile Tea soap contains a blend of olive, coconut and sweet almond oils, coconut milk, colloidal oatmeal, and Vitamin E for pampering and soothing while moisturizing and cleansing any type of skin.  This bar also has a custom blend of essential oils for scent and the fragrance is clean, crisp, fresh, and has a “green” cast to it.  Very floral, but with a slight touch of citrus.  Just enough.  The sugary crystals and pearls on their tops shows up prettily in the photo, too.  Nice and sparkly!