The Chamomile Tea cut shots

It turned out as hoped – with a well defined swirl and the colours contrasting against one another, no bleeding in between.  Yay!  It’s a bit sticky yet on the outside, so it’s going to need a nice l-o-n-g dry time.  It will be ready for posting onto the web site and FB biz page around October 12th.  I say ‘about’ since it’s sticky still, even after three days in the mold.  It’s mainly around the green colour, too….odd. But over time that will firm up and the entire bar will soon be a nice, hard bar with lots of smooth, creamy lather and great moisturizing qualities.

The Chamomile Tea soap contains a blend of olive, coconut and sweet almond oils, coconut milk, colloidal oatmeal, and Vitamin E for pampering and soothing while moisturizing and cleansing any type of skin.  This bar also has a custom blend of essential oils for scent and the fragrance is clean, crisp, fresh, and has a “green” cast to it.  Very floral, but with a slight touch of citrus.  Just enough.  The sugary crystals and pearls on their tops shows up prettily in the photo, too.  Nice and sparkly!


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