Reading, Masking, and Exfoliating, Oh my!

I was perusing fellow bloggers pages, (yes, you may call it lurking, prowling, stalking, but I call it reading) and landed on one about skin care, hair care, and beauty treatments and it reminded me of this book I’d requested at the library where I work.  I’ve posted the title below with a link to for reading what it’s about and the option to purchase if you are so inclined.  It’s a wonderful book filled with scads (technical term) of recipes for beauty treatments for body and hair that use just ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen every day.  They are created with you, the individual in mind, in small amounts for an individual one-time use and in the quiet of your own home.  Simple, quick, easy, inexpensive and you won’t end up smelling like a salad!  It’s a win-win!Image



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