Plans are being made

A couple of wood soap molds were ordered yesterday, one in a 2 lb size, and the second in a 3 lb size, both with collapsible sides that are hinged to make it much easier to unmold your soaps. This is probably only exciting for soapers, seriously addicted soapers, as we peruse web sites, troll through blogs and forums in search of that next great soapy thing we’re hoping to be inspired by, spend hours glued to YouTube watching soap porn and get goose bumpy thinking about what new molds, supplies, little doodads we’ve got in our shopping carts for our next big project.

For now, mine is wooden molds. I’ve wanted one for ages, but never seemed to find exactly what I was looking for, but just recently found a place that has something along the lines of what I want and it’s not too expensive. Yay! Now I can play around with the swirls inside and on the tops of my soaps and have more room to play in both places! Now my wish list is less by two items. If only I could knock off a few others – like glitter, more fragrances or elements to make my own blends, more colours….  This is where I bought them.  They have more than just molds too!


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