Doubling up on a Friday

Today was certainly a productive one, though it could also be said that it was noisy, smelly and messy.  Other dwarves were in there somewhere I’m sure, but those were present for sure.  Two soaps were made today filling up both new wood molds.  The first batch was a replacement of a soap that recently was sold out and popular enough to keep in stock, so White Tea with Peach & Mango was made again but this batch looked quite a bit different.  No swirl, sorry swirl fans, golden glitter on the top, and used the 2-lb mold for that one.

White Tea with Peach & Mango

The second batch was done in the 3-lb mold, using a new FO from Nature’s Garden and Candles called Chai Tea.  The FO was added to half of the soap batter and to the embeds at the top, which were made out of Honey M&P from NG.  The frothy topping of the soap was a whipped up M&P, also from NG with no FO at all in it.  This entire loaf was sprinkled with gold glitter from Bramble Berry.  The other half of the soap batter has no fragrance in it.  Just soap.  The FO data sheet states it could darken SP soaps because it has 2% vanillin content, so I am hoping that it actually will because the half that I pulled out of the soap batter and fragranced was scented with this in hopes that it will make a brown swirl in the light brown/dark tan coloured soap loaf.  We will have to wait and see on that one. Maybe by the time it’s ready for purchasing it will have darkened enough to be distinguishable from the other half of the soap.   This one is called Chai Latte—

Chai Latte

Both soaps used the recipe I now call Lush Lather recipe with coconut, olive, and almond oils, coconut milk, and colloidal oatmeal.  The Chai also has a dash of anhydrous caffeine.  There’s your morning pick-me-up!  The White Tea with Peach & Mango also includes a bit of almond milk, and some buttermilk powder.  Both are made at an 8% lye discount.  And both were made with teas instead of water with the lye.

There’s maybe one more tea planned, but more on that when a couple of items arrive by our friend, the UPS guy!  Brown’s been good to us!


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