Glacier Blue – a serendipitous ending

Like many other soapers, there was a firm fixed image I had running through my head when I picked out the Glacier Falls FO from Nature’s Garden and Candles.  Lovely ocean-like swirls of vibrant blue, pearly topping of white, sparkling sugar crystals to gleam in the light like whitecaps on the waves.  You see it, too, don’t you?  Well that all went poof! the moment I added in the Fo to the oils mixed with the lye.  It started thickening up right away and no amount of stirring or SB’ing helped, probably only made it worse.  The blue was ready and still a bit loose but the white part was thickening up extremely fast – we’re talking potential SIP (soap in pot) or SOS (soap on stick), so I globbed the white into the mold, globbed most of the blue into the mold, tried to get it to do something other than just sit there minding its own separate business, then added the last of the blue on the top to sprinkle the pearls and glitter on so there would be a least a bit of contrast.  It got warm in the mold, too – did I mention that this one heats up?  It was put into the fridge immediately after the globbing, topping, sprinkling steps, and left there over night, though I watched it for several hours to be sure it didn’t erupt all over the inside of the fridge.  The top cracked after about an hour, but never went any further than that.  This morning I took it out of the fridge and loosened the papers from the sides, then left for work.  I tried very hard not to think too much on what it might look like once I got home and sliced it.  Well, upon returning home, there was no melty, mooshy mess on my table,  as a matter of fact the soap didn’t do anything odd in my absence.  After last night’s adventure I wasn’t too sure!  So, out came the knife and slicing commenced.  Here’s the results.

CP soap with FO that accelerates trace exponentially.

Not too bad after all.  There was only one major air bubble.  No gel circles.  And the crack that appeared on the top went back down and closed itself back up most of the way. The colour is still a bit on the ivory side rather than white, but after the adventure in soap globbing I had yesterday evening, I’ll take whatever I can get!  The swirling turned out much better than I thought it would.  The soap was practically solid when I tried to pull a skewer through it.  Most of that is from the spoon doing its scoopy thing. There was just barely enough time to run the spoon through it once, and even that was a near thing!

Don’t you just love all the technical jargon we soapers use – globbing, mooshy, scoopy?  So, this little soaping adventure had a happy ending after all.  Lesson here today is never use that FO for soap again – lotion only!

Next up – lavender, with a tiny touch of rosemary. More later!




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