Another double up on a Friday –

this is getting to be a routine for Fridays it seems.  Two soap batches plus a batch of whipped body butter.

The body butter is three butters, no water, and no fragrance.  It still has the fresh, clean scent of lemons because one of the butters is lemon butter.  The butters were blended, whipped, cooled, re-whipped, cooled again and whipped a third time to give it the looks of buttercream frosting.  Once it cooled completely it reverted back to a firm butter form, but when spread on skin, the butters melt and smooth right in to soften protect and moisturize.  This one feels wonderful!

Lemon Body Butter


The first soap was made with an FO called Awapuhi-Seaberry from Nature’s Garden and Candles, which slightly accelerated it, though not so much that it wasn’t able to be manipulated into doing what I wanted it to.  I decided to not go with the FO’s name for the soaps but rather called this one Open Sea.  It has Coconut oil, Macadamia oil, Olive oil,  aloe juice, almond milk, colloidal oatmeal, titanium dioxide, a couple of milk powders and Vitamin E.  It gelled in the mold, which I didn’t attempt to stop.  Just let it do its thing, then left it overnight and was able to unmold this morning and slice it as well.  This will be a nice hard bar eventually, with hopefully the deep cream colours lightening up to close to ivory eventually.  The tops that were exposed to the air lightened up nicely so there’s no reason to believe the rest won’t do so as well.  The swirl of blue pops at you in the contrast with the deep cream beside it, but when it lightens, that will change.  There are natural glycerin swirls in this bar, which I love to see because they indicate a the presence of a natural emollient that’ll help lock in your skins natural oils, protecting you even during the dry winter months ahead.   This batch will be ready 11/23/12.

“Open Sea” with Awapuhi-Seaberry fragrance from Nature’s Garden

The last batch of soap was a remake of one I’d made a couple of weeks ago called Amethyst & Pearls.  This time, I left out the pearls, so it’s just Amethyst this time.  But still the wonderful fragrance Blackened Amethyst from Nature’s Garden and the glycerin swirls appeared in this one too.  Loads of them!   Slightly different soap recipe this time but still very moisturizing, a nice hard bar, and the pretty ivory color to set off the lavender swirls within.  Also made with aloe juice in place of the water, coconut oil, olive oil, colloidal oatmeal, Vitamin E, and almond milk. This batch will be ready 11/23/12.

Amethyst CP Soap




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