Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, yesterday was an adventure.  My computer crashed on Monday so nothing was doable online or computer related during the following two days unless it was managed on my phone.  That seriously limited everything I typically do in a day including posting here.  A tech answered my questions about what was wrong, and the news was not good.  Things have been handled and we’re back up and running again, though not without casualties.  I have not as yet had a good block of time to reinstall the camera and printer software but that will hopefully be done by tonight.

While waiting for the techie to arrive, I’d started a soap using a scrumptious FO from NG called Japanese Cherry Blossom and choise to do a two tone swirl in it.  The FO was one of those that would accelerate trace as they warned in their testing charts, but until I got into it I had no idea how quickly.  The answer to that was VERY QUICKLY!  Trying to swirl the two colours into the base colour in the 2-lb mold just seconds after adding the FO into the 3 containers was nearly impossible.  They were already thickened to the chunky stage, so the swirl is well-distributed blobs instead of curly, swirly, loopty-loops.  (Don’t you just love the technical jargon?) It also isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing on the outside either since it firmed up so quickly and the techie was here keeping my attention divided.  I know you’re probably thinking “You knew he was coming by so why start a soap before he arrived?”  I jump too quickly on many things, as many who know me well can affirm.  I get restless whenever waiting is required and this prompts me to start something that would be best kept to a later time.

Once I have all the software reinstalled pictures can be posted on this soap.  I’m sure it will be a very soothing, delicately scented soap that will make anyone’s skin feel luxuriously soft, silky, moisturized, all those good things that we often don’t think too long and hard over unless the day is a real downer and we only want to bathe, curl up, and sleep, but the appearance is not the selling point for sure.  The soaps are pretty enough on the inside though despite their look not turning out like I’d imagined.  Soapers are their own worst critics.


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