Ripe Raspberry – October 25, 2012

I was warned, you know.  I was told that this fo was not so great oob, but I truly had no idea just how extremely understated that statement was until I opened the bottle and took a whiff.  Recoiling was putting it mildly.  It has a very distinctive reek to it.  Reek!  But the reviews I read stated not to be put off by it, but try it in cp soap and the fragrance pops.  So, taking a leap of faith based on their opinions, I tried it and found that though initially it still didn’t smell all that good once put into a batch of cp soap, I waited none too patiently until the next morning before checking it yet again and found that to my amazement, it smelled like juicy ripe raspberries.  Doubting Thomas has vacated the premises now.  It must need a bit of oxidation time, best I can figure as to why this happened like this.  It didn’t smell at all good in the bottle, not much better after the p0ur, but the next morning, wow, it was a vast improvement over previous sniff tests.  And so with that I give you – Ripe Raspberries…..

Ripe Raspberry – top shot


and the inside…..


Ripe Raspberry – cut shot


The colour changed a bit toward the orangey-peach side instead of remaining the reddish-orange it originally was during the stick blending.  I don’t have the ideal shade of red for raspberries, so this was as close as it would get, so there it is.  But at least the colour didn’t bleed like the last batch did.  Soapers just aren’t ever happy with their product, are they!  We have certain images in our heads that may or may not match up with what our results turn out to be, and based on that, we’re either ecstatic or grumbling about should-have-dones.  The colour change won’t effect the soaps performance overall, so I’m fine with it exactly as it is.  The recipe is a good one that gives great bubbles, moisturizing, softening, and performs beautifully nearly every single time, depending on the FO used, so it’s fine as far as I’m concerned.  The soap has 3 oils, three milks, Vitamin E, and colloidal oatmeal to bring you lasting soft skin with loads of bubbly cleansing.  It will be ready for use December 8th though as always, pre-orders are welcome.  Visit my Facebook page at and clock Shop Now below the cover image,  or my web site, to order.  These will be added to both pages in the next day or two.



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