Friday’s back! Yay!

And since it’s Friday, you know what that means – it’s soaping day!  Today, there were two batches made, a 7 bar, 2 lb loaf and an 11 bar, 3-lb loaf.  Let’s start small and work up.  The 2 lb load was a batch of the recipe I now use most of the time for soaps, one with 3 oils and coconut milk,  using a new FO from Nature’s Garden & Candles called Aqua di Gio.  Man, dos this fo get your eyes rolling around in your head.  It’s almost an aphrodisiac, probably should be classified as one! Love it!  And it’ behaved beautifully!  No ricing, acceleration, discoloration, nada, just plain – well, nothing about this one is plain – just glorious aroma from start to finish in the soap.  It didn’t affect the colour added to a portion of the soap either.  Wunnerful, wunnerful!  It’s now out of the mold and sliced though no pics have been taken yet.  Soon, though.  No glitter, pearls, or fancy top on this one since I made it for men.  It also has French green clay for a good slip during shaving.

Calm Sea (Aqua di Gio) in the mold.

The second batch was larger, 3 lbs and will yield about 11 bars at about 5 oz. each.  This one used another new FO called Cucumber Mint, also from Nature’s Garden.  It has a fresh, clean, watery green scent, very juicy smelling, just right for a pick-me-up bath or shower.  It’s still in loaf form, not cut as it’s still too soon to try that.  I did sprinkle a bit of glitter on the top though somehow I wish I hadn’t because it looked really pretty without it, showing the swirls of the colours in the soap batter.  Just two colours, and this Fo also did not accelerate, discolour, interact with the colour in a negative way at all.  It worked perfectly with the CP batch recipe, using a different formulation for the soap, but it still includes coconut milk.  I love the way a soap made with coconut milk feels in use – smooth, softening, moisturizing, silky!   So, here’s the Cucumber Mint –

Cucumber Mint – before the glitter

See what I mean about regretting the glitter?  It covered up that pretty swirly design.  *sigh*  Why did I do that!  *smacks forehead*.  I need to do a remake of the Peach and another batch of the Amethyst & Pearls since they are being requested a lot and I made only small batches of each.  There’s also the issue of too much of the colloidal oatmeal in the first batch of the Amethyst & Pearl which made it cut irregularly, the second batch was blotchy because hubby insisted I use up the oils I had though they weren’t fresh enough, so they’re spotty and the batch of the Peach gelled in the center so some of the bars have circles.  I can’t sell these bars, so they were going to need to be replaced.  Next week, hopefully.

I’ll be off a couple of days next week anyway staying nearby in case the hubby needs me following his eye surgery, so maybe they can be redone then.  I hate it when batches fail!  What a waste! Next time he insists on using something simply because it’s already here, it isn’t gonna happen!


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