Celestia’s cut pics

These were ready to cut today, which surprised me.  I thought I’d have to wait another day or two, but they’re cut, shelved and drying now with an anticipated ready date of December 22, 2012.  The swirls are not exactly the way I wanted them, but at least the contrast between the blue, white and violet is clearer than recent batches have been.  Colours have not been cooperative with me and these manufacturers of these colours are disappointing me a lot lately.  Many end up bleeding into the soap surrounding it, giving the swirls a blurry edge rather than a crisp clean line.  I’ve tried four different types of colours from four different suppliers now and hope that the ones I got yesterday will be the proven winners.  I’ve seen really beautiful results from other soapers who’ve used this company’s colours, so my hopes are high.

The notes of the fragrance, Nature’s Garden and Candles’ Sun, Moon, and Stars FO, is ivy, clover, vetiver, jasmine and green stems, so it sounds like it should be a green scent, but to me, it smells more like a blue one.  Maybe that’s just me.  Dunno.  But it’s subtle, not a major whap in the face like some fo’s can be.  Since the name was about heavenly bodies, the name for the soap was Celestia.  I don’t like to name my soaps the same as the fragrance oil.  To me that seems too easy – maybe uninspired, but maybe not.  Maybe I’m just creating more work for myself trying to dream up names for these things.

The same recipe was used – three oils, used all three milks this time, two powders and one liquid (coconut), added Vitamin E & A, and sprinkled the tops with a star glitter in keeping with the name.  The embeds were a clear soap base of M&P, coloured with Diamond Dust and 24K Gold Mica from NG, no fragrance, and then cut in half to be pushed down into the surface.  These embeds were placed a bit too close together (as opposed to too far apart in the Chai Latte), so these bars will only be around 4 oz. give or take.  They’ll be $4 each since they’re smaller.  Turned out okay, I guess.  I loved how it looked uncut.

Celestia – close up
cp soap with TD, violet & blue colours; Sun, Moon & Stars FO



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