Back at it again

This is the first soap I made after the hand surgery last week and boy did it ever feel great to be back at it again!  It was about to get ugly if something didn’t change and fast, so here’s the latest soap off the assembly line.

NG’s type fo called Sun and Sand was used to scent this one, though I renamed it in my soap to be Caribbean Sands.  You’ll see why when it’s cut.  It uses the new colours purchased from Conservatorie of Peacock Blue Mica, Milk Chocolate Mica, and Pearl Mica.  Honey base M&P from NG dazzled with 24K gold mica unscented for the clam shell embeds up at the top, and Himalayan Pink Salt.  The usual recipe was used again, though I’ve added a new additive to the mix, silk amino acids, which I’ve heard make the soap silky and lustrous in the lather.  The coconut milk and colloidal oatmeal were also included like they always are, but instead of water to dissolve the lye, I used aloe juice.  The lye tends to turn the juice a pinkish colour so I had to throw in a dash of Titanium Dioxide to lighten up the white part, but all in all, the aloe substitution didn’t alter the outcome too dramatically.

The fo behaved beautifully.  No acceleration, colour stayed true, no ricing, so this is a winner of a scent!  I’m really tickled with the results and in a few days I’ll find out what the swirling did for the inside.


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