The web pic with cut bars – Caribbean Sands

Caribbean Sands Milk & Aloe Soap


This is the pic with the cleaned up bars I’m using in the web site and in the Payvment store listing.  Morning light is so kind when trying to get good pictures with the truest reproduction of the colours.  The sparkly tops just don’t show up no matter what I do once the soaps are firm and shaped.  They always look better while the soap is still kinda wet. Sometimes in the push to make, create and list, we forget to give credit to others who’ve contributed to the creation of our craft, such as our suppliers, who supply us with butters, oils, molds, additives, glitter, packaging, paper supplies, labels, lye, those intrepid USPS postal carriers, FedEx and UPS guys etc. So with that said –  a special shout out to for the wonderful wooden molds in 2 and 3-lb sizes.  Great prices, speedy shipping and best of all, really easy to use.  Love my molds, guys! When I’m ready for more and/or larger ones, you’ll be the first to know.  Thanks!


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