Forever Young

This one was a half-measure of success.  It turned out nicely enough but one of the colours completely disappeared.  😦  Still the rest stuck around for the show, so it’s all good anyway.  The fragrance is from NG, a lovely called Fountain of Youth with greenery, melons, lotus flower, lily of the valley, but as is my tendency, I don’t use the FO name, but come up with something uniquely NN’s own turn on it.  Sprinkled with amber coloured sugar and gold glitter, enriched with three milks, two vitamin, and triple oils, and coconut milk, this one will offer the same rich, luxurious lather that the other milk soaps offer.  Coconut milk, with its high fat content, is an excellent superfatting ingredient that also lends a great hand to the lathering ability.  I love adding coconut milk to soaps!  I’ve tried others, but they just don’t do as much for the soap as coconut does, and it’s purely about the fat content.

I used three colour – a bit of white pearl mica, a splash of Sunset Pink Mica, and a dash of Chrome Green.  Unfortunately, the Sunset Pink contains carmine, which is touchy in CP soap, so it decided not to stick around for the rest of the party, but vacated the premises during the overnight set up.  No party-crashing gel soap gremlins though, so thank goodness for small favours.  The swirls turned out nicely, so I’ll take it!  This one will be ready for shipping December 26th, and by that time I’ll likely have to make replacement batches of a couple of others made since September that have turned out to be surprisingly popular.  Who knew something with charcoal in it would be a top seller!  Most love the look at first, then get a whiff of it’s one-of-a-kind fragrance and they love it even more for that.

I’ve returned to work again after hand surgery to correct a trigger release in my right (working) hand so soaping will take a bit longer to do now, since I won’t be here during those great cool morning soaping hours.  I love making soaps in the morning because  the house is a bit cooler, so I

Handmade Artisan Milk Soap

don’t get hot, sweaty and messy trying to get it completed before the warmth of the day seeps inside.  Ours heaters really keep it toasty in here, which is great for relaxing at the tv or computer or sleeping with a good book putting you out every night, but it isn’t so great for soaping.  Besides, I’m a morning person now anyway, so doing the thinking and planning of a soap, snapping pics, and listing it, then gossiping with the fellow soapers in a group in Facebook, is a routine I’ve built up quickly during my recuperative phase.  Now, life continues, it’s back to work, and the real world now, so play time is done. 😦

There are plans for several other soaps to come along very soon, so stick around, and watch to see what’s coming off the assembly line next


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