Is Cottonseed Oil Okay? – Dr. Weil

Is Cottonseed Oil Okay? – Dr. Weil.


This is applicable to foods, but how applicable is it where soaps are concerned?  I’d love to hear an answer to this.  My husband works with a non-profit that focuses on cotton as an industry, so there’s a conflict here with what I’ve know about the oil as it pertains to foods versus what it offers to soaps. I also am very reluctant to use it in soaps and definitely don’t want it in my foods.

What I’ve noted in the past is that the oil goes ‘off’ quickly.  It goes rancid in the soaps quickly, too.  There’s also little that it brings to the table for use in soaps other than hardness.  There’s no, NO, additional moisturizing.  It tends to dry the skin in fact.  Cleansing is questionable, though with the high rate of drying, it should be very cleansing, but who can stand to use it if it dries your out so much.

I’ve tried using it to make the hubby happy, but had to discontinue as it went ‘off’ much too quickly and it was so terribly time consuming working up a recipe with other oils to counter the drying effects of the cottonseed oil, that it simply isn’t worth the effort.


December 28, 2012

Well, since the Mayans were wrong, way off the mark actually, on their dire predictions of the end of civilisation as we know it, I thought I’d celebrate being able to have a 54th birthday after all by soaping like a fiend.  So 3 new soaps in all were added into the line but these had a little something extra, or as they say nowadays, as little sumpin sumpin.  These had the newest ingredients I’m trying out in my soaps.  The jury is out on whether it’s worth it to add it in, since the poor old stick blender doesn’t like it too much (slows it down audibly), but I’ll keep trying until one of these batches is ready for human consumption and it’s deemed worthy.

I ordered some silk fibers to add into the mix (the lye mix) and through trial and error found the best thing is to shred it up pretty good then add it into the lye right when it’s being combined.  I put it into the pitcher that already has the water, then pour in the lye, stir often and let the heat do the rest.  It seems to dissolve the fibres pretty decently though they are there as attested by my protesting stick blender when the lye is added to the oils.  It slows down significantly.  I dunno.   If it burns out my sb I’ll be royally pissed!  But too soon to tell.  Maybe there’s something I’m not catching on to with this newest luxury ingredient.

Here’s the cut pics of the soaps made with the silk, milks, and 3-oil blend.  A couple of them also have cocoa butter in them.  These will be nice hard bars!

This one’s the For The Roses Silky Milk soap:

For The RosesSilky Milk Soap
For The Roses
Silky Milk Soap

It has a custom blend of FOs and EOs with rose being dominant among the scents.  It contains 3 oils, cocoa butter,  colloidal oatmeal, 3 milks, silk, Vitamin E, and just the TD and Red Clay Mica from Conservatorie.  The heart shaped embeds are unscented, clear M&P with a splash of red mica added to make them sparkle in the light.  You might notice that there’s a heart in the swirl in the top bar. It appeared serendipitously in the swirling process and shows up in only 2 of the bars.   Seemed appropriate as I was thinking these would be the Valentine’s soaps for this year.  Strange though that the swirl below the heart sort of looks like a whale.  Hmmmm….

Here’s the Garden of Delight Silky Milk Soap

Garden of DelightSilky Milk Soap
Garden of Delight
Silky Milk Soap

It’s fragranced with the FO from NG called Deb’s Flower Shoppe.  It’s a lush green, watery, floral scent that features lilies predominantly which makes it one of the hubby’s least favorite scents, though he didn’t seemed to mind it in the soap, it was pretty strong OOB.  This one is also made with silk, 3 milks, 3 oils, but also has colloidal oatmeal, and vitamin E.  Just two colours in here since I really don’t like how yellow looks in a swirl, and it was setting up too quickly to do more than the two.  Yellow seems to do better when it’s an all-the-way-through colour.  The swirls turned out rather nice espite earlier misgivings about my soaping day.

and last but not least, the difficult to name Arboretum Silky Milk Soap:

Arboretum Silky Milk Soap
Silky Milk Soap

The first one made was the Arboretum.  It started out unnamed, then once it was in the mold I’d tried brushing the mica onto the tops with the back of a spoon and it looked glittery, shiny, rather Autumnal, so I thought about naming it All That Glitters.  Then it set up and the shiny began to go dull, like soaps will do, so I nixed that name.  I thought about Borealis for a bit, but the swirls were only one colour while a borealis isn’t.  So  that got nixed as well.  I thought then about just using the name of the FO from NG called Indian Summer, but I really don’t like to do that.  It seems like the easy way out, so that too, went the way of the dodo.  Who knew the naming of a soap could be this darn difficult?  Go figure!  So I thought about it for a bit longer, and since the word arboretum makes me think of trees – many trees – and this has the green leaves of summer while the fall colours float on the surface like they do, only reversed, in a real tree’s fall wardrobe, I went with Arboretum.

Originally I was not at all happy with my day’s efforts.  They seemed too rushed and haphazard in appearance.  Nothing like I’d wanted them to be at all.  However, this morning’s cutting of all three loaves turned out to go a long way in validating the day’s work.  Frustrating, yes it was, but as they turned out, it appears it was worth it.  The green swirling in Arboretum was  a bit too much, but in many bars ( you’re only seeing the really pretty ones here), but they’re not just about the looks, though that IS the part that sells it.  But the cut images restored my faith in the day.

It was a very productive birthday over all.  It might just become a tradition for my birthday.  Soap all day, eat cake that night.  Perfect way to celebrate another year successfully completed, don’t you think?

Castaway now cut!

cut pics


Finally, the soap was firm enough, though just barely, to be cut.  It still looks rough from the initial cutting, but it will be tidied up in about a week when it’s had a little more time to cure and dry.  It smells, to me anyway, more like lily of the valley, and there is that note in it, but there’s also white lilac and  greenery.  It’ a clean, green, white and wet scent.  It can just imagine how refreshing & light this one will be while showering with it in the summertime after a hot, sweaty day weeding outside in 90° + North Carolina summertime heat.  I might need to set one aside for that!

It has the usual three skin loving oils, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk & 2 other milk powders, Vitamin A & E, silk amino acids, and the fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden called Drifting Away.  I love the soft clean scent of this soap!  Can’t wait to try it out!    This one also had my first try at a hanger swirl.  I had the hanger a bit too wide so it wasn’t that easy to move it back and forth through the soap in the mold, but it still did the swirls that are typical of hanger swirls.  Very nice!  Love the Peacock Blue Mica from Conservatorie in anything!  This is the second time I’ve used it because I love that colour!   It’s like a Caribbean sea!

Little sugar pearls sprinkled over the top around the clam shells embeds of yogurt M&P from NG and lightly scented with Drifting away again and a touch of Mica Pearl White from Conservatorie to give a soft pearly glimmer finished off the tops.

My next project will have a new addition to it after today’s shipment arrived safe and sound.  Tussah silk is here!  Yay!  I can  hardly wait to try it out in something.  It needs to be something lush though.  Maybe a Rose?  or…..Bamboo Hemp?  or …..    Indian Summer? or….. Dragon’s Blood?  ……..


Today was another new thing, trying a hanger swirl.  Don’t know how it came out since it will be a few days before the soap is cut-able. The colours were TD & Shimmering Pearl Mica, Peacock Blue Mica & Magic Blue Mica from Conservatorie, fo was Drifting Away from Nature’s Garden and Candles.  I’m hoping the swirl turns out at least halfway decent.  The hangers was a smidge too wide so it was a bit of a squeeze getting it inside the mold in the poured soap,  The soap was very cooperative, staying liquid all the time I was trying to hunt down the hanger, then trying to get it into the mold and moving through the soap, so no ricing, seizing,  acceleration,  nothing that even closely resembled a gremlin.  The only gremlin at all was the width of the hanger.  The tape used at the corners covered with plastic wrap made it too tight along the ends to move through the soap smoothly and evenly  so this swirl is probably going to be a bit irregular.  No matter.  It’s still swirled and the colours turned out very nice, too.  No morphing!  Always a plus!

Right now, it’s still a bit too liquidy to texture the tops, plus I plan to add in some embeds at the tops, little white clam shells that have a bit of the Drifting Away fo added, so I’m patiently waiting (well, as patiently as I can manage) for the soap to firm up enough to texturize the tops.  To glitter or not to glitter, that is the next question.  I’ll do the embeds then decide.  Don’t want to ruin a good thing if the tops look pretty enough in their own right.  I think it’s now firm enough to play with, so let’s see what we can do with this pretty blue beauty!

The fragrance oil contains notes of white lily, white lilac, greenery and woodsy floral according to the website’s info.  It’s a floral, quite clearly, and a white scent.  It would make a very nice soap or bath & body product to use in wedding favours.  High end fragrance, for sure.  A favorite with me!  Love it!

Ready January 12, 2013
Ready January 12, 2013


Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea (768x1024)


Sweet Tea with Lemon, a cp soap made with coconut milk, brewed lemon-ginger tea, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, silk amino acids, Vitamin E, goat’s milk & buttermilk powders and colloidal oatmeal.  What a healthy package of goodies for your skin to enjoy!  Th fragrance, to me, was that of unsweetened tea, but once it was all put together, it was closer to sweet tea.  There are little cubes of ‘lice’ made with clear m&p soap, and lemon wedges that even smell like lemon, made with clear m&p tinted with yellow mica, poured into a mold that was meant for making novelty ice cubes.   It’s been sliced up now to cure and should be ready to fill orders by December 30.  Here’s the look of the slices –


Sweet Tea cut pic 1 (1024x768)